Kayla Soule

Kayla Soule  is the recipient of the 2013 PGI Canada Learner Achievement Award. For Kayla, the motivation to improve her skills was clear – every single door that would open to her in the future had ‘secondary grads only’ written on it! She realized that the future she envisioned for herself required a diploma. Kayla enrolled in Adult Education at the Brome-Missisquoi Campus in September 2012, to complete the requirements for a secondary diploma. She found herself struggling with Secondary 3 English, and contacted the Yamaska Literacy Council (YLC) for help withreading and writing.She has worked diligently with a volunteer tutor in the evenings since the fall of 2012. Kayla passed her English course and has moved to the next level. Kayla’s achievements extend beyond academic success. She is developing confidence in herself and has connected with the community. Kayla volunteers for the children’s Explorers Club at the library where she meets her tutor, and inspires young readers to enjoy books and reading. Kayla demonstrates courage and perseverance in pursuing her education, and is a model for others. Kayla is achieving her goals, and continues to set new goals for herself.