Keith MacDuff

The CanLearn Society is proud to share the successes of our PGI Learner Award winner Keith MacDuff. Keith struggled with school and learning and as with many youth in his situation he found himself involved with a rough crowd and potentially heading down a very destructive path. After losing close friends to violence Keith decided he wanted his life to go in a different direction. Thanks to help and direction form his mom he came to CanLearn to address his struggles with learning. He met with clinicians, went through assessment with the Attention Clinic team, and worked to develop the strategies he needed to be more successful in everyday life and school. He was also encouraged to get back into Mixed Martial Arts in order to provide him with a physical outlet, and to continue in something he had previously experienced success. Keith soon went on to upgrade high school courses, finishing everything above 85%; he saved enough money working to go to post-secondary. Keith is now a successful competitor and teacher in Mixed Martial Arts and he has almost completed a fast-track diploma in graphic design. Keith is a wonderful example of how having a learning assessment and working with a trained professional to help you understand your learning difficulties can truly change your life.