Deb Sioen is a mother of two.  She graduated with a general diploma from high school in 1985.  “Back then you could get a good paying job and work seemed more important than school.” says Deb.

Soon after graduating she realized her options were limited. She knew that if she were to do something other than seasonal work, she would have to go back to school.

Almost 20 years passed before opportunity, passion and support aligned for her to upgrade her English and Math to academic levels.  Her husband  who had been working seasonally in western Canada for 18 years was finally home  full-time and her children were no longer pre-schoolers. “I have the passion to learn because I finally know what I want to do.  I want to work in the bioscience field”  says Deb. 
Deb passed her academic English with an 89% and is about to finish her academic Math.  In the fall she will take biology and two chemistry classes.  She then plans to apply to the bioscience program at Holland College.

During her speech at the PGI Golf Tournament Deb said, “I am on the learning path to my dream because of my family’s support and the PEI Literacy Alliance programs you are here to support.  My kids are my biggest cheerleaders and motivators.  When they introduce me to people they say ‘this my mom. She’s gonna be a scientist’.  It feels so great to be teaching them by example. It’s never too late to learn.”