SK 2016 Poem

Today i am not who they think I am No desk no iPhone no boss no admin This role is good one and yea its fun
But it’s so much more when the day is done
I don’t have to remind you of the goodness this brings Supporting literacy for adults and kids?
We’re expanding community by expanding our minds Education lowers that poverty line
And we all know in order to work as a team We can’t be afraid to drive on the green
Learners learn through experience they’re tried and they’re taught
That life is a challenge so take breaks for sliders and shots And ya never know where that little road will end up so stay healthy
Gotta look good cause OMG it’s the riders and there’s selfies! Theme of green in the greens pride in community and team Bridging the gaps building the dream
some of us come back year after year again and again For a day to acknowledge with sunshine and friends In a relaxed and social way with the right mix
Of read staff and sponsors and players you make this day kick Supporting the families that gain from it all
It means so much to answer the call And I’ve had that chance to really see
The good and the bad in treaty six territory I’m hopeful so hopeful
That things start to change
That our indigenous ways become part of the game Lieracy is understood in more ways that one
I struggle to learn about my ancestors how it was done Through language and ceremony and song and symbols Intricate intellectual traditions
Land and life reciprocal So as I reflect
I offer introspective Society so diverse
Each person a connection
Or opportunity to make the best choices for themselves and others To be careful and conscious
Less drivers more putters
Think with understanding act with respect Learn from past mistakes socially invest
That’s why we do this it doesn’t matter who wins
Cause compassion is way more powerful than competition You get that I know that it’s already clear
You get that I know cause you’re sitting right here.