The Weight of Words (G)

Lyrics by: Stephen Maguire

Please don’t say that I’m not good enough, you don’t know me that well
Ever wondered why the smile on my face has disappeared today
You’ll never make anything of yourself the English teacher said
I never listened I think I’m doing ok.

Please don’t say you can’t follow that dream, or wish upon a star
What’s the harm in living outside yourself hoping that you go far
Leave me to be with my thoughts my hopes my fancy dreams
Then I bet you, I’ll be doing ok

You have to be wise, with your words
You have to know that the things you say could hurt
You have to stand up and be heard
Don’t underestimate the weight of your words

You gotta be careful when you talk out loud
You gotta know what you’re gonna say
You gotta know that the very thing that your saying
Could change a person’s life some day